Entry #4

Mars Colonies - Open Beta!

2016-01-29 05:09:24 by Kendja



Hey there! Maybe you've heard or even played Mars Colonies before. It combines our love for Dune 2, C&C and Starcraft and plays it out on Mars. There is an early version up on Newgrounds with a mini campaign and lots of cool feedback.

We've been so in love with the game that we never stopped playing it, and are still actively working on new missions, campaigns, intrigues, the room references, a new retro wave soundtrack, overworked gameplay, and so on.

You can play the free beta here : https://apps.facebook.com/marscolonies/

PS : Beta colonists get their names added to the game ;-)

PSS : Don't forget to leave feedbacks!



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2016-01-29 11:47:00

What a story haha


2016-02-29 22:58:49

is there a forum for the game because i have some problems with the game and there's no mars colonies ( beta ) page so i can let them know of my problems so they can fix it


Kendja responds:

Hey, Tony! There's no forum yet, but we have a slack chat. If you want to join, send me your email and I'll invite you.

We'll be testing multiplayer mode soon ;)


2016-04-06 00:37:31