Mars Colonies update

2013-06-19 03:23:30 by Kendja

[June 19, 2013]
- All research points are returned when you cancel not finished building.
- You can see where inputs are located when placing building. Green energy, white water.
- You can set target minerals for mining by clicking on them.


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2013-07-01 23:23:34

have you considered making workers cheaper? i think that many complaints based on the inefficiency of the workers was rooted in the fact that it is kind of useless to buy more skilled workers when much of the time they just leave based on their higher standards.
Seriously, i stopped getting anything but the 40 pt. workers because anyone else would leave within 5 mins no matter what, saying "nothing to do here" when there was plenty of work to be done, or something like that. 40 pt workers would never leave unless i ran out of supplies, so it was simply not worthwhile to hire skilled workers, and that doesnt really make that much sense given that we're talking about space colonization. (i did love that dave lister and arnold rimmer were included in the names, tho. i was looking for kuchansky as well lol)


2015-05-08 20:08:49

I found you from the game BinB.
I'd like to keep my eye on you. As I like to surround myself with other competent
people who make awesome things happen.
I don't have much time to beta test. But I think beta testing your game would be a good
way for us to casually keep in contact.

So, if you are still on newGrounds, or you log in some day, come find me!

-John Mark

(Updated ) Kendja responds:

Thank you, John Mark!