Mars Colonies update

2013-05-18 00:18:27 by Kendja

[May 18, 2013]
- Move camera with arrows/wasd buttons;
- You can scaling game window now;
- Science! will return when you cancel pipes;
- Tile selection fixed;
- Slightly increased number of mineral deposits on levels;
- You can select Energy Pipe mode with "1", Water Pipe mode with "2" and Demolish mode with 3 from keyboard now.
- [S] speed button changed to [E]. [F] still there.


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2013-05-20 04:43:41

Great game, sir! Please make a sequel!


2013-06-03 16:57:58

Clearly, this game needs a feature, that allows you to save.


2013-06-13 16:13:34

Thank you for your contribution to the internet. You did amazngly well. It does need a save feature of some kind, and the pipes, once constructed, do not returm science was destroyed, unlike any other building. Maybe a accident, maybe on purpose. Either way, GOOD JOB!