Entry #1

Mars Colonies update

2013-05-13 09:43:22 by Kendja

- Colonists with "build job" enabled will be deliver resources to "building sites" now;
- You can see future georadar's area before placing it;
- Georadar's area will shown when you build pipes now;
- Bunker hp increased slightly;
- Increased item capacity for Storage;
- Fixed bug when resource hasn't returned if colonist canceled his task because of hunger, etc.
- Increased priority for "Carry Goods" jobs(supplying compon. factory, etc);
- Fixed few typos;
- Added another button [F] to turn on/off fast speed if you don't like to hold [S];


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2013-05-14 17:55:36

Man, you make the coolest games. I love procedural games and sim games, keep it up!

Kendja responds:

Hey, thanks man!